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RC Pit Boards are ideal for anyone from a club racer to a professional racer.  Use it as a flat service to check your ride height and much more!  Nice professional look, and you will receive a proof within 24 hours of your order.
These sizes will be standard sizes in stock, other custom items, please email me directly at orders@rawjahrc.com

- 18" X 24"

- 16" X 20"

- Custom Sizing available!

Nice shiny finish and you can have unlimited Sponsors that fit in the marked area which is an image.


Pit Boards feature fluorescent colors with printed metallic silver logos, are lightweight and rigid, and are available in 3 sizes: * - 11.5"x16.75" - 14"x18" - 16"x20" * Select a gloss or matte finish and add up to 5 logos & your name onto your pit board. * Want to add a Pit Mat? * Our Pit Mats measure approximately 24"x48" in size and are durable, flexible, and easy to transport. * You can customize your Pit Mat with up to 5 logos in one of our various available colors, including matching fluorescent colors - flo green, flo orange, flo pink, or flo yellow. * Add your name and personalize your mat for an additional fee.